how a persian CARPET is made

How is a Persian carpet made? 

Accrording to tradition, the Persian carpet is made using the knot technique.
Ustah is the person involved in this work: the first step is the definition of a weft and the second is the definition of the warp. The weft threads of a Persian carpet range from one to five but there are some techniques that involve the use of seven threads. Each of them can have different thickness and can be made in wool or silk. 

Ustah usually use different techniques to make a Persian carpet: the symmetrical tecnique and asymmetrical technique. Both are very common in the persian area and it is easily to find carpets that are made with both techniques. 
Depending on the thread used the nodes per square meter needed to obtain a good quality carpet are about 500.000: wool and silk are very different and require a different commitment to Ustah which work individually on each carpet. Normally there are at least three Ustah for the creation of a carpet.

The description of the realization of a Persian carpet is not easy and it would be too long and complicated.
Visiting our showrooms Kambiz in Cagliari and Sassari can allowed you to admire the work of the Ustah.

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